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Swish Baby Fruit Pacifier

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  • All our Swish Baby products undergoes serious testing and every single product is carefully selected before it reaches you. If, however, you received an unlucky product rest assured we've got you covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    To be eligible for a return you simply have to provide the proof of purchase and send back your item in its original packaging.

    Please contact us at to arrange a return or an exchange so we can give you all the details.

  • INTRODUCE NEW FOODS IN A SAFE AND HYGIENIC WAY: Easily introduce new foods to your baby without the risk of choking. Small holes allow your baby to get accustomed to new tastes safely while encouraging chewing.

    RELIEVES IRRITABLE GUMS: Teething is such an uncomfortable time for any baby. Our fresh food feeder is also a great baby teether! The textured silicone surface is designed to be safe and comfortable for your baby to use. Using frozen fruits or ice helps to relieve pain while also helping to massage gums. Some innovative foods to introduce include frozen fruits, frozen yogurt or even frozen breast milk.

    THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR BABY: Each Lullababy set comes with 3 different sized silicone sacs uniquely designed for 3 months, 4 months and 6 months of age. Each pacifier feeder is designed to fit the right amount of food in each silicone sac and allow the tiniest food particles through that are safe for your baby. This also allows you to conveniently interchange the silicone pacifiers and insert more food as your baby grows.

    CHILDPROOF & SAFE: Childproof snap lock opens & shuts easily, while keeping your baby safe. Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals which includes: Latex, Lead, BPA and Phthalate.

    EASY TO CLEAN: Unlike mesh food feeders, our silicone feeder is a breeze to clean. Wash with warm soapy water or boil for 5 minutes to sterilize.

  • Introducing new foods to your baby is an exciting time to see what they like. They can finally feel like they are a part of the family during meal times as well. Our best advice is to keep it fresh and simple. When possible, use organic foods that are minimally processed. If you buy non-organic foods then we recommend thoroughly cleaning it with fruit and vegetable wash.

    Keep it simple by introducing single ingredient foods such as bananas, pears, avocados and sweet potatoes. These healthy nutritious foods are great to start with because they are easy to digest and full of vitamins and minerals which includes: vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, folate, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and healthy fats. Teething can start anywhere between 3 to 12 months, but typically around 6 months of age. We know teething can be a very painful process for babies and we want to help ease that pain. It's never fun for parents when your child is always cranky and crying and you're not sure how to help. Lullababy's fresh food feeder also works as a teething toy. Simply insert frozen fruits, frozen breast milk slivers or ice and let your baby gnaw on the soft 100% food grade silicone. The taste will distract the baby from their growing teeth as the cold food or ice will naturally ease the irritation instead of using pain medications.